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TAC Air Locations

TAC Air Locations

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TAC Air Customer Testimonials

What a top notch facility. Just excellent customer service. Things are better in Texas, especially Amarillo. We were greeted directly by the General Manager, thoughtful, courteous, our kind of people. Great restaurant on site, been to over 25 FBO s in the Southwest, by far the Best. BRAVO TAC Air.

Rhonda Doyle - April, 2014

A good efficient facility. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Whatever you need they try very hard to meet it. I observed them with other customers. Line guys were great. My personal comment was with Kate Dunaway. We were stranded and needed to drive home. She took care of us and got us going very quickly… a very good bunch of people. Keep them all.

Leo Bramel - February 2014

I was here yesterday. Immediately met as I taxied up and was directed to parking. The fuel truck came over within a few minutes and refueled my plane as I was gathering my things. No fees other than what I paid for fuel.

Ted Glenn - July, 2011

Jeff and his team are every bit as good as they were under former ownership. We diverted to SLC unplanned, they parked me close to the building and doted on my kids and me — following up directly to make sure we had our car, that the aircraft was fueled, etc. Given that this is a big FBO and gets a lot of planes: call ahead several hours before leaving the airport: they will bring your plane around and prep your bill so you don’t have to wait. By the way, this is the easiest way to fly into SLC: rental cars available onsite, FBO is moments off the runway unused by airline traffic, great GPS approach from the south, etc. Thanks again!

G. Moncur - June 2012

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